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We’re committed to coaching you through the financial journey of life. Our coaching process begins with a review of your current financial situation. This involves analyzing your current investment holdings, tax return, estate plan, life & disability insurance, and annuities. Next we’ll coach you through the goal setting process, managing expectations, and discussing potential financial challenges. What are you trying to accomplish? What level of risk do you want to take? What kind of lifestyle do you wish to maintain? Does anyone have special needs? Is running out of money a concern? 

Once your goals have been established we can analyze your investments to help determine the appropriate strategies to address your needs. What kind of risk should you be taking? Do you have “buckets” established for the various stages of life? What kind of investments could be best to help you work toward your goals within your risk tolerance? Are your current investments in line with your strategies? At Integrity, we are independent advisors and are not bound to products. We work on a fee  or commission basis and are independent. This allows us to focus on what is best for you. Strategies to be considered are first analyzed, compared, and reviewed based on your goals and objectives. In short our success is dependent on your success. We are in this together! 

Our primary goal is to help our client family preserve their wealth, enhance it over time, and establish a legacy. Will you be subject to estate tax? Have you established a formal will or trust and is it current? Can you further preserve your estate through proper planning and structure?  We can consult with your estate planning attorneys when developing the plan.

We believe it is important to review your tax return in developing your financial plan. Is it possible to reduce your tax liability?  We often can consult with your tax preparer when creating tax planning strategies. We believe the team approach works best when dealing with comprehensive planning needs and offers the highest level of service to you.